We provide a comprehensive range of done for you marketing resources below

Once you have created your account in Gloria foods you can access the html code in your admin account in Gloria foods to add the online menu and table ordering widget to your web pages and you simply copy and paste this as html code

The pages you need to create to get started

1 Home page

2 Mobile landing page

3 VIP Offers page

We provide page templates below to copy and paste the content to your own website or you can use the pages for ideas and create your own layout providing you add the online ordering html widget

We provide 3 explainer videos you can add to your website to help recruit new restaurant clients, we provide the slides to 1 video you can download to edit, add your contact details, upload to YouTube and add to your landing page

Once you have the pages created and the demo video uploaded you can create a chat bot flow following the chat bot set up in the user guide training and you are good to go

You are now ready to contact prospective clients and get your demo in the hands of as many restaurant clients as possible and you will be amazed at the response this marketing can generate

General Walkthrough of the SMS app

Restaurant client demo funnel

Closing the client using Live Chat

VIP Club and table booking confirmation

Please select the modules below to access the content

If you use Thrive Themes you can download the mobile landing page using the link below

If you use Thrive Themes you can download the sample home page  using the link below