Set up Guide

We provide a comprehensive set up and user guide in the navigation above. This is a quick overview of the steps to follow

Follow this guide to get the basics set up quickly so you are ready to find new restaurant clients

The key to success is to make sure you create the essential landing pages and demo funnels using the resources included and then get this in the hands of as many prospective restaurant owners as possible

Step 1

Request your SMS sending ID in the app

Step 2

Gloria Foods set up

Click this link to register your account

Creating your account and a demo restaurant is very easy, you will see a demo restaurant already set up in your account and all you are going to do is copy the set up process using your own web page

The set up is completed using a wizard type tool and you complete using your own details

When you have completed the set up you have the html code to simply copy and paste into your webpage to create the live menu and table reservation buttons

Step 3

Create the 3 essential pages for your demo funnels

Page 1

Demo set up is a landing/home page template, click here to view

Page 2

 VIP Offers landing page, click here to view

Page 3

Mobile landing pages for client prospecting, click here to view

We provide all 3 templates to copy and paste the content into your own site and you can view each page on the links above,  

If you use Thrive Themes you can request the templates and we will send you the zip files for you to upload directly

Once you have completed this stage you are now set to create the SMS chat bot flows to help recruit and close new restaurant clients

The SMS Platform has many advanced features and we provide a complete set up and user guide, this quick start guide is designed to get the basics in place to create and deliver demo funnels to quickly convert your first few clients

Step 4

Create a chat bot

In the app, click on chat bots and click to create a new chat bot following the video tutorials and set up guides

Add a chatbot flow copying the client flow in the bonus chat flow section

Replace the landing page link with your own landing page link

Create chat bot flow 2 copying the VIP chat flow

Replace the landing page with your landing page

You now have the basics set up to approach prospective restaurant clients

We provide prospecting emails to send to cold restaurant owners, you can give them a quick call and ask if you can send them a demo or call in


This service is like nothing they have seen before

It works out of the gate and it is guaranteed to make them net profit and because we know this to be true, we will set everything up for them and run a 7 day campaign for free to prove the concept

Crafting the VIP Offer

Try to focus on proving the VIP club concept in the trial campaign

Ask the owner to provide any existing customer data that he has with name and mobile number

Upload this to a new phone book contact and run a special promotion for a fixed day/night with a stand out offer that the owner is happy to provide and you can demonstrate how this concept can easily fill quite nights with paying customers some times within the 7 day trial period!

If at the end of the 7-day trial they are suitably impressed (They always are), you can discuss the finer details and agree on a monthly service fee based on the exact circumstances of each restaurant

Depending on where you are in the world depends on your pricing structure because the credits are more expensive in the UK and Australia than the US and Canada but we would suggest proposing an inclusive service to include a minimum number of credits per month and a one off set up fee, typically $200 -$300

This is a basic starter set up designed to get your first client quickly

Please make sure you spend time in the set up and user guides to ensure you can add all of the unique features like keyword campaigns to drive more existing customers to special offers and the autoresponder campaigns to deliver the latest offers on auto-pilot