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We understand you may have your own hosting and want to pass on our offer

You have our Flagship app Inboxingpro X which provides a comprehensive cross channel marketing platform using email and SMS text message marketing

You clearly are an action taker and the offer on this page can propel your business to the next level very quickly!

This license is designed to help you scale this opportunity fast and provides everything you need to manage unlimited clients directly from the dashboard

Now is the time to Take your business to the next level...

Unique Opportunity to Maximize your Income and secure long-term contracts providing your clients with their own app license

This is the next logical step

You will discover most clients want to access their own campaigns and view reports etc after a couple of months so this additional service adds more revenue to your business and enables your clients to double and sometimes treble the show rate of booked table reservations

Providing your client with their own app has massive benefits for them and a guaranteed way for you to build a long term monthly recurring income 

Using live chat is the biggie...

You can easily demonstrate how using the live chat feature can increase show rates by up to 50%

It takes a matter of minutes to consolodate a booking and you can demonstrate this in real time to the restauarant owner

Lets assume your client is getting 20 – 30 bookings per week from the SMS campaigns and by contacting each customer directly using the live chat feature they can add 50% more shows 

That is an additional 10 bookings each week, or around 40 per month

Even if the restaurant average order value is only $30 per booking

It adds an additional $1200 to the bottom line each month so paying you $10 per month in advance has to be a no brainer deal for them

We ensure your clients remain your exclusive clients

Now before you think this is going to lose your clients because they will be dealing direct with us to purchase credits

We have very cleverly removed the link to purchase credits or view any invoices so the only way your client can send campaigns is to purchase credits directly from you

Can you see the massive potential of this service?

  • Sell for your own price
  • Keep 100% of the costs
  • Provide the app access included in your monthly service fee
  • Provide it for free and sell credits with a retail mark up
  • We provide 24/7 Support so you dont have to 

For bigger clients, you can provide the management service for free and sell credits at normal retail cost of $4-$5 cents to make recurring profits on every purchase made

For everyone else, offer a lower priced managed service fee and sell the credits at normal retail cost of $4-$5 cents to make recurring profits 

Additional client benefits

Access campaign and delivery reports

Send instant campaigns

Create new offers

Providing direct access to the app can actually reduce your input and increase your monthly fees

Imagine building a portfolio of 40 – 50 clients,

You can still manage this yourself and generate a 6-figure income, even if all the fees are only $200 per month it can quite easily generate a monthly income of $8000 - $10000 per month

This is the sheer beauty of providing digital marketing services

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