Congratulations and thank you for your upgrade

You have made a fantastic decision to grasp this opportunity with both hands

You now have a system that you can provide unlimited restaurant clients with a 100% managed service which can also include providing them with their very own app and you can earn 100% profits from this upgrade which you can invoice directly to your clients

The potential here is off the scale!

If you recruit and manage 50 clients, you are already in the big league...

Even if you only charge an entry level service fee of $197 per month and make a net profit of $100 - $150 you are earning a monthly income of $5000 - $7500 per month and still not working a full working week!

It’s fair to assume you will be a very happy camper once you reach this level and the great thing about this opportunity is it is easily achievable

Remember there is an endless supply of struggling restaurants right now and this service couldnt come at a better time for them especially when everything is done for them and you can guarantee they will make a net profit every month

This offer is not for everyone because a lot of marketers may be happy with $5000 - $10,000 per month net income

However, if you want total freedom to create and scale a full-time business our Agency unlimited is for you

For an additional cost of just $147 you can sell unlimited licenses to enable your clients to access their own app

The decision is a no brainer if you have aspirations to create a full time business that you want unlimited scope to scale, if you take this upgrade you need to add just 2 more clients to break even and another 20 – 30 clients makes you an additional $2000 to $3000 per month

This license, like the agency license you have already invested in will become a monthly subscription service with fees ranging up to $500 per month so this offer is worth very serious consideration with an ANNUAL FEE OF JUST $147 which is also locked in for the lifetime of your license

This offer does not need any selling, either you can see the potential immediately or not so consider carefully but this is an opportunity to really take your destiny in to your hands and create a long term full time digital marketing agency for an annual fee which includes premium support, updates and upgrades for a combined fee of just $344 per year, it’s a cracking deal if it was per month so hope this helps