Attention Local Marketers!

Creating the Ultimate SMS VIP CLUB using our "DFY" System is the easiest way to generate monthly Fees and very happy long-term clients

The key to creating long term client relationships is to provide long term value

Marketers that understand this concept are the ones that get long term growth in their own business

This is how the top agencies close so many deals and create long term relationships

 But we are in the middle of a crisis simply not seen before

Every Local business has been hit

None more so than local restaurants

Some have pivoted to provide pick-up and delivery services

Most are waiting for news to reopen because they simply don’t have the tools or resources to provide these new type of services

Unless they already have a website and online ordering its almost impossible to compete

Until Now!

We are a digital communications company and provide email and SMS platforms primarily for small businesses and marketers to use to provide professional services to local business

We launched our flag ship email autoresponder app, Inboxingpro back in 2017 and we have thousands of customers using it with great success

Our unique SMS text message platform followed in 2019 and we have created a totally unique app that allows marketers to provide professional SMS text message marketing services to local businesses directly from inside the app with no 3rd party integrations required

We were just about to launch our much-awaited 

Restaurant Connect SMS VIP Club 

when the lockdown kicked in across the world!

Local consultants were hit hard with very few clients left trading

Restaurants, bars and cafes were amongst the first to close their doors which was a disaster for our new service because we had no one to sell to!

The buzz word during this crisis is pivot and we were forced to look for alternative solutions that we could somehow bolt on to our core service

We knew we had to get a restaurant trading even on a scaled down version before any local consultant could even discuss providing our service  

After much research we have partnered with an international online ordering app developer and created a PERFECT 2 STEP PLAN

Step 1

Provides a total solution to enable any restaurant big or small to quickly setup to offer pick up or delivery services 

Step 2

 Gets the restaurant set up and ready for the battle once the lockdown is relaxed and things start to get back to normal

Because one thing is for sure...

The major restaurant chains will be throwing everything they have at new promotions to win back their market share

So how will the local restaurants possibly compete?

No income over several months or at best limited revenue from scaled down collection only services leaves them incredibly vulnerable after such a tough few months

So, what is the answer

The only asset left for local businesses in general is their existing customers

Local business that can engage, inform and reward their customers will survive and its critically important every local business starts to plan for this right now

Waiting until things are back to normal will be too late

So lets dive in and take a closer look at our unique 2 step plan

Step 1

Provides a complete online ordering app, website, online menu and Facebook order widget to enable local consultants to help get restaurants up and running providing collection or delivery services and for a limited time during this lockdown…

You can provide the complete system below absolutely FREE 

Online ordering app - FREE

Free of charge, zero commissions, unlimited online orders

Restaurants can take unlimited orders with the free website ordering system

Add the "See MENU & Order" button at the top of their homepage and turn their website ordering into a sleek & fast experience totally for FREE!

What about clients with no website

No problem, with the restaurant ordering system software, you can now create a new website without any coding skills necessary.

Simply set up the client profile and the online ordering system will instantly create beautiful & intuitive online food ordering websites with delicious images & integrated online ordering completely for free

With a great website comes a great number of customers and more sales and this is a service restaurant can expect to pay hundreds of dollars for but FREE TODAY

Additional safeguards and protection to help your restaurant clients customers make more informed decisions

No-contact Delivery & Minimum Exposure Pickup Options -FREE

As the Coronavirus pandemic escalates, customers want to drastically reduce their exposure to the outside world.

Enabling no-contact deliveries & minimum exposure pickups is a great way to keep everyone safe from the epidemic.

Customer Ordering app - FREE

Provide your customers with a free app to order directly from their phones

This is a great way to build a restaurants brand and increase revenues

Connect to Facebook - FREE

Set up a Facebook online ordering system to reach even more customers

It only takes 1 minute to integrate the online ordering system with your clients Facebook page which can massively increase revenue

Simply add the order button to receive orders

Once things return to some sort of normality you can provide another valuable add on service also totally FREE to use forever!

Online table reservations - FREE

As part of the online ordering system, you can also provide online table reservations and pre booked food orders at no cost to the restaurant

This is a great way to add genuine value to the overall service you are providing as a local consultant

Did you ever see a more valuable service provided for FREE!

We talked earlier about providing value and long-term solutions first to build long term relationships

This complete online ordering system provides exactly what every restaurant desperately needs right now


Got to be the best "foot in the door" offer ever created!

Genuinely worth hundreds of dollars

Ask yourself 1 simple question, 

Can you honestly see any restaurant or takeaway service not wanting access to this completely FREE online ordering system

Step 1

Provides the immediate fix to get the doors open generating much needed revenue

Step 2

Prepares the restaurant for the critical relaunch and gets their customers re-engaged, motivated and rewarded as valuable VIPs of the restaurant AND THIS IS WHERE YOU GET PAID!

Benefits of a VIP Club

VIP Clubs are not new, many of the bigger players all have some form of rewards club simply because they work like gangbusters

We all like deals and restaurants are a perfectly positioned to create some great offers

Restaurant owners need revenue, and everyone has quiet nights or nights when they don’t even open

Imagine creating a special offer to provide a free course on a quite Tuesday night and filling the restaurant

VIP clubs provide added value

They build a valuable customer list

Create a bigger brand feel as a major player

It’s a quick win, forget about waiting weeks or months for a return on the promotional investment

VIP clubs can make net profits in a matter of days focusing on existing customers first

Why SMS text messages

We very quickly discovered a way to get almost all our messages delivered instantly and more importantly opened and read with a few minutes

We provide a complete turnkey solution for local consultants to provide professional SMS text message marketing services


  • Totally Unique SMS app with outstanding features
  • Agency license included - Unlimited Client access
  • Quick and easy to set up - No technical knowledge required
  • Unlimited access to a wealth of marketing resources
  • Full training Included
  • Do the work once get paid every month like clockwork
  • Minimal monthly management required after campaign set up
  • Earn $97 - $497 per client per month every month

It is a simple process anyone can set up and provide outstanding results 

We tap into the low hanging fruit to quickly and effortlessly generate almost immediate revenue for the restaurant owner

Step 1

Engage and Incentivise existing customers

Restaurants store customer contact details including mobile phone numbers

Simply upload the contacts to a phone book list

Create a compelling offer to join the VIP club

Send the campaign

Customers that reply with the keyword are automatically sent a reply, which can contain a coupon code to use in the online ordering app or to use for the offer and added to a new VIP phone book

Step 2

Convert cold leads to paying Customers

We have developed a totally unique chat bot that converts cold enquires to table bookings and delivers coupon codes or special offers on complete autopilot

Here is a typical chat bot flow for a local restaurant using a free course promotion

In this example all replies received to the exclusive local restaurant number with the keyword, FREECOURSE triggers the bot into action and directs the conversation to confirm a table booking for 4 and the customer details are saved to phone book contact list


Use the live chat feature to massively boost conversions

Sending a more personalized message instantly builds massive engagement and more importantly commitment

Can you see the effect this can have on a typical reservation and the best part is it takes less than 2 minutes and costs a few cents per customer to complete!

You can see below the power of adding personal follow up SMS messages to consolidate the customer booking and you can engage with unlimited customers in minutes in minutes

Typically, a restaurant using a coupon type promotion can expect 15% - 20% customer take up from the number of coupons issued

Consolidate the reservation to increase redemptions by 30% - 40% or 50% using our live chat SMS

Step 3

Provide even more Value with our library of DFY resources and Convert more new enquires and customers


Add cover images and banners to your customers Facebook pages

Banners and  covers are fully editable in our members area, add your clients logo, images and keyword  

Create personalised flyers, posters and table tents using our fully editable graphics pack

Simply login to our members area to  make edits to fully customize the graphics based on your own clients branding

Flyers and posters can be printed out to use in the restaurant to add new members 

We provide 6 different restaurant themes and each theme include

Facebook Cover

Facebook banner



Sell the pack to your clients or provide for FREE as part of your offer

Step 4

Send Bulk offers to 1000s with exclusive offers

Send bulk 2 way messages to 1000s delivering links to landing pages and coupon codes based on targeted phone book lists

Send the campaigns immediately or schedule for a future date/time

Keyword Campaigns

Use our targeted keyword campaigns to segment customers based on offers and actions

Send a bulk message asking for a reply to a keyword, in this example its WINE and all replies are moved to a new phone book and the customer is directed to make a table reservation using the online ordering app

Create set and forget Autoresponder campaigns

Deliver the latest offers direct to your customers phone every day, week or month to suit your clients business on autopilot

Simply create a landing page and upload the latest offers and deals

Create the autoresponder message and add the link to the landing page

Set the message to deliver weekly, monthly or at a custom time to suit and the messages are delivered on autopilot

It really doesn’t get any easier to drive more customers each and every week with the minimum amount of work required

But it gets even better...

 100% Mobile Responsive so you never miss a lead!

We are all busy people and not always sat at the PC

We have created a yet another totally unique feature that allows you to set up an instant notification sent to your phone when a new recipient replies to the chat bot

Add the number you wish to use to receive the notifications, you can set up different numbers for each campaign if required

Let the bot do the work and convert a lead into a reservation and then you have the option to make a reply in real time directly from your own phone for each of the recipient replies

Simply open the app, find the customer and make your replies or access and use any other feature directly from your own phone

Never miss an enquiry even during lockdown when your clients restaurant is closed

Provide automated updates and answers to business enquiries even when the restaurant is closed

Use the chat bot to provide general information and links to important web page information

The bot is totally unique and can be turned on and off for each customer so if you want to make a live reply to a customer simply turn off the bot for that customer and send and receive messages in real time

This is without doubt the most comprehensive SMS platform...


Outstanding Delivery

 We connect to worldwide, industry leading platforms to provide outstanding service and fast delivery

Local quality

With Global Low Latency (GLL), your messages automatically take the shortest and highest quality path. Local carrier connections worldwide help us validate that your messages can be delivered, and you receive real-time delivery status

Local numbers for better conversions and 2-way messages

According to recent research, as many as 64% of customers want to be able to engage with companies via two-way messaging and acquiring a long number (also known as a virtual mobile number) enables businesses to do just that.

It has also been proven that customers much prefer to call and text local numbers rather than national telephone or short code text message numbers

You can provide a local number to each of your clients based on their exact location

Each customer can register their own brand ID which is what the recipient sees when a 1-way message is delivered (Not available in US, only number is used for 1- and 2-way messages)

​Send 2-way messages from a unique local telephone number to domestic numbers

Great for local restaurants to use for promotions to create long term value​

Automatic built in opt Out process

Add an automatic opt out link in each message and recipient is automatically removed from all contact lists for 100% compliance

We provide a Complete Service in, US, Canada and the UK

We include a unique local telephone number for you top use as part of this offer.  Additional numbers can also be purchased for clients directly in the app and the cost is just $2 per month per number 

Buy credits at a discounted rate

If you are based in the US and Canada you can buy 1000 credits for just $15

UK credits cost 0.08 cents

Can you imagine the results you can achieve for your clients getting 98% of their messages Opened and read within 3 mins for just $15!

Everything required to provide professional agency services directly from within the app with no other software or tools required and includes...

Unique Sender ID branding 

Unique local telephone number

Unlimited Client accounts

Unlimited Client Phone Book contacts

Unlimited SMS Client Templates

Unlimited keyword lead generation campaigns

Unlimited chat flows based on Keywords

Unlimited Bulk and Quick send SMS messages

Allocate credits to your client account

Autoresponder follow up messages

Detailed delivery reports

Detailed campaign reports

Members area access to resources

Providing professional services has never been easier or more lucrative

Set up is quick and easy and setting up a full campaign including lead generation and chat bot flow can take less than 10 minutes

If there is an easier way to sign up local clients ON MONTHLY RETAINERS I am yet to see it!

Pick up your license up today and also get these fast action Bonuses



Free Credits Offer - Up to $50 

Spend up to $50 on your first credit purchase


You get 3333 Credits added to your account

We MATCH this and add a further 3333 credits

You can use the credits in any way you wish

Use for your own campaigns

Use for Client campaigns

Sell to clients at retail costs typically 3-4 cents per message for instant profits

Please note

This offer is only available during this promotion and is valid for 7 days after you buy your license

So, let me ask you...

What would you expect to pay for this complete business in a box?

A totally new communication platform providing a complete range of features simply not found in any other app, software or service on the planet

A complete platform to create powerful campaigns for unlimited clients with no 3rd party integrations required

You control everything from the app

You buy discounted credits and sell them based on your own business model

Get 100% credits added for FREE during this launch up to $50!

If you want to sell services, you can either...

Provide a monthly management service and charge a fee typically between $97 and $497 for a local business and sell credits at cost


Provide a monthly management service for free, mark up the credits and sell the social media graphics

Because our credits are heavily discounted, even if you add 100% mark up

The cost per message in the USA is only 3 cents and still less than services sending 1 way offers

It provides a complete solution anyone can set up and use even if you are a brand-new marketer

There is no time to waste

Restaurants are facing desperate times ahead

Provide the online ordering app for free and help them start to generate much needed revenue

Prepare for the reopening so they can hit the ground running starting with a first night sell out using the VIP club strategy

This is a genuine opportunity to secure long term clients and you can become the go to guy/gal for all things digital which opens up lots of additional earning possibilities