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Restaurants in Lockdown and how you can help

The biggest business opportunity this year is selling services to local businesses desperate to survive and no business needs help more than restaurants

As most local restaurants come out of lockdown, social distancing is now having a major effect on revenue and it doesn’t look likely to improve anytime soon!

Unless a Restaurant Owner can Pivot and create new streams of income chances are, they will not survive on dine in customers alone

Local restaurants that can do this will stand a far better chance of surviving, but they need help and help fast!

The problem is most restaurants are not set up to provide these add on services

They don’t have online ordering which is now essential to be Covid safe and they don’t have any way to get the message out fast that they are open for business

Tomorrow sees the launch of Restaurant Connect which is a complete digital marketing system designed for marketers to provide a complete solution to desperate local restaurant owners

Imagine providing a service that includes

 an online ordering system for kerbside food and dine in table reservations

Free customer app to order food

Powerful totally unique 2 way SMS text message marketing platform that can get messages out fast for a few cents per campaign

Branded VIP club that rewards existing customers and gets them to visit the restaurant more often

The app includes a client portal to provide professional  services and no 3rd party integrations are required

Watch out for my email tomorrow, this system provides a complete done for you solution designed for local marketers to help restaurants quickly get back in profit

No need for the restaurant owner to wait weeks and months to see a return

The system can be up and running ready to take the first online order in a matter of hours and if there is an easier way to generating term monthly service fees I have yet to see it


A complete digital marketing system for local restaurants (Don’t Miss)

Att Local marketers (It’s here at last)

I told you yesterday about a new digital marketing system that is launching today called Restaurant Connect

Restaurants are in big trouble with no immediate solution to hand

Unless they can provide an online ordering system to be Covid safe and get the message out fast that they are open for business they will not survive

Restaurant Connect provides a complete solution designed for local marketers to provide a done for you service that includes

Online ordering for food ahead, kerbside collection and table reservations for dine in customers

Powerful SMS text message marketing platform to get the word out fast that the restaurant is open for business

Branded VIP Club automatically rewards existing customers and gets them to visit more often spending money with them and not their competitors

SMS text message marketing connected to the live online ordering system can generate net profits in week 1

Go here to see the app in action, this service is no longer an option, it is essential for a restaurant to survive and this complete service provides everything a pro marketing needs to hit the ground running

The service is selling for $200 - $500 per month and if there is an easier way to generate long term monthly recurring fees, I am yet to see it

You get a full agency license included during this launch with a client portal to provide professional services

Everything is included in 1 easy to use dashboard with no complicated 3rd party integrations required

Check out the powerful demo here

Send day Day 2

SMS Automation using Chat bot technology

Restaurant Connect launched yesterday and it has taken the market by storm

The new service is designed to provide local marketers with a done for you solution to help get restaurants up and running and back in profit fast

It’s a totally unique service that provides a restaurant with an online ordering widget which is added to the restaurant’s website and Facebook page

A Powerful SMS text message platform uses advanced 2-way chat bot technology to convert cold enquires to booked table reservations and delivers targeted offers based on actions

This is ground breaking technology and no other app or service on the planet includes as many unique features

The service also includes a branded VIP club which delivers exclusive offers and gets more existing customers to visit more often and you get a comprehensive library of marketing resources to make finding and closing new clients as painless as possible

If you didn’t yet check it out now is the time, the price is rising but right now you can get 12 months access with a massive 92% OFF during this special limited time launch

This is not an option, this is an essential addition to every marketer’s tool kit

Click this link to see the system in action

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